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Finance at Mandurah Toyota

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle has never been easier, Mandurah Toyota's team of Business Managers make the experience of purchasing your vehicle and getting it on the road even simpler. At Mandurah Toyota, we can structure a competitive car finance package for all your vehicle finance and insurance requirements.

We specialise in all aspects of motor vehicle finance and insurance in partnership with Toyota Financial Services. Our commitment to our Guests ensures that you receive the best possible service, and products that meet your individual needs.

If you’re in Mandurah, our team of professional Business Managers are fully trained and accredited, making it easy for our Guests to deal with someone who can complete the financial picture.

Reasons to choose Mandurah Toyota for Pre‑Owned Finance

Get personalised car finance that allows you to purchase your Pre‑Owned vehicle, and customise your loan terms that suits you.

  • One‑stop‑shop Finance products are available to approved applicants for Toyota Certified with Toyota Access and non‑certified pre‑owned with a standard fixed rate loan.
  • Specialist motor vehicle lenders Our Business Managers specialise in car finance to get you on the road quicker
  • Convenience Mandurah Toyota is open 6 days each week, with on‑site Business Managers available to assist with your used vehicle finance solutions.
  • Speed of delivery With our Business Managers on site, we can process your approved finance to get you in to your new used car as soon as possible
  • Personalised service Our Business Managers will personally assist you with your finance needs in person and over the phone.
  • Toyota Access Toyota Finance is able to offer a finance product with the safety net of a Guaranteed Future Value[F2] at the end of the finance term for a Toyota certified pre‑owned vehicle.

Get into your next used car at Mandurah Toyota with two finance options

Let’s simplify things and help you get behind the wheel of your desired car without breaking the bank. We want to offer you a loan solution that is affordable and tailored to meet your individual needs.

  • Toyota Access Loan Toyota Access is a finance offered by Toyota Financial Services that provides customers with a loan to purchase a Toyota Certified Pre-Owned vehicle, with flexible repayment terms and the option to return the vehicle after a set period for a Guaranteed Future Value[F2].
  • Fixed Rate Loan Toyota Fixed Rate Loan is a financing option offered by Toyota Financial Services that provides customers with a fixed interest rate for the entire term of the loan, allowing for a stable and predictable monthly payment when financing the purchase of a new or used Toyota vehicle.

Toyota Access Loan

Toyota Access puts you in the driver's seat.

There’s a lot to like about a Toyota Access Loan. It’s designed to keep you agile, thanks to flexible loan terms, lower monthly repayments[F9] than a regular car loan and plenty of options at the end of the loan, via your vehicle’s Guaranteed Future Value[F2]. With a Toyota Access Car Loan you could get:

  • A Guaranteed Future Value[F2] so you know what it’s worth at the end of the loan
  • Lower monthly repayments[F9] than a standard car loan
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayment options
  • Trade in, keep or return your vehicle once your loan ends
  • Your choice of deposit amount

Toyota Access is available on Toyota Certified Pre‑Owned vehicles, meaning you can drive the Toyota you want today with the knowledge that the future is taken care of.

TOYOTA ACCESS LOAN Getting started

  1. Choose your Toyota Certified Pre‑Owned Vehicle.
  2. Decide on the deposit you’d like to pay, if any.
  3. Select a loan term of 3 or 4 years for Toyota Certified Pre‑Owned Vehicles.
  4. We have Business Managers available on site to facilitate the processing of approved applicants’ finance. Once your finance has been approved, we will work to get you into your new used car as soon as possible.

TOYOTA ACCESS LOAN At the end of your loan term

You have the choice of three flexible options: to trade, keep or return your vehicle.

  • Trade in or sell your Toyota Use the trade‑in value or sale price to contribute towards the remaining balance of your car loan.
  • Keep your Toyota Simply pay the outstanding balance (including the final payment). Toyota Finance can help you refinance[F3] the balance of your car loan if you don’t have the cash on hand.
  • Return your Toyota Toyota Finance will pay you the Guaranteed Future Value[F2] that was agreed on at the start of your loan term and put it towards the remaining balance owing on your account (subject to fair wear and tear conditions and agreed kilometres being met).

Fixed Rate Loan

Our Fixed Rate Car Loan gives you plenty of options. You set your deposit amount or decide not to have one at all. Then choose the term of your loan and your repayment frequency. At the end of the loan, the vehicle is yours to keep. A Toyota Fixed Rate Loan includes:

  • Your choice of deposit amount
  • A loan term from 1‑7 years
  • The option to include your on-roads and Roadside Assistance
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments
  • A Toyota Personalised Rate

FIXED RATE LOAN Getting started

  1. Choose your Pre-Owned Vehicle from our selection of quality used cars
  2. Decide on the deposit you'd like to pay, if any.
  3. Select a loan term from 1 to 7 years.
  4. Approved applicants then driveaway in your new Pre‑Owned Vehicle with fixed weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.


[F2] The Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) is the minimum value of your Toyota at the end of your finance contract, as determined by Toyota Finance. If you decide to return your car to Toyota at the end of your term, Toyota Finance will pay you the agreed GFV, which will be put against your final payment subject to fair wear and tear conditions and agreed kilometres being met. The information provided is general in nature. You should seek your own financial advice to determine whether Toyota Access is appropriate for your individual circumstances. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. Toyota Access GFV products are available to approved customers of Toyota Finance, a division of Toyota Finance Australia Limited ABN 48 002 435 181, AFSL and Australian Credit Licence 392536.

[F3] Approved applicants only. Terms and conditions apply.

[F9] Lower monthly repayments compared to a similar term with no Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) or equivalent balloon final payment. Total interest charges will be higher if a GFV or balloon final payment is selected.